Leadership of the future.

‘The greatest danger in time of turbulence
is not the turbulence,
it is to act with yesterday’s logic.’

– Peter Drucker –

My name is Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali,

Director of Icis Coaching & Counseling B.V. .

Icis Coaching & Counseling B.V. (Icis B.V.) was founded on January 1st, 2002 and means “happy”. The basic principle of Icis B.V. is; “Continuous growth and transformation for People & Organization”. I have applied this principle with my clients, myself and Icis B.V.. As a result, new missions and trade names have emerged over the years.

January 1st, 2016,
– Heliotropo, means “growing towards the sun”, “growing towards a new and higher consciousness”.

January 1st, 2020,
– Unity Conscious Leadership®, “interdependent growth and transformation” and
– Eenheid Bewust leiderschap®, “interafhankelijke groei en transformatie”
An evolutionary leadership form to overcome and transform crises for the growth of people, culture and as a professional.

A new era, a new paradigm on leadership
Unity Conscious Leadership® emerged while writing my book Unity Conscious Leadership®. A new paradigm on leadership. “Lenses” with which I learned to look at the world from an early age. Therefore I can easily;
– Recognize patterns,
– See the interconnection and interdependence of people and situations,
– Reveal the problem behind the problem,
– Put the “finger on the sore spot”,
– Provide appropriate guidance, and
– Help people and organizations to gain strength.

Leadership of the future
These “lenses” often make future events predictable. This makes it easier to anticipate future changes.

If you’re wanting to learn it, please contact me.


Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali
Coach, Counselor, Trainer, Author & Spreaker