‘I define divine love as:
the will to expand itself with the aim
to nurture one’s own or others spiritual growth.’

– M. Scott Peck –


As individuals, sometimes we all find ourselves in difficult situations or encounter people who make things difficult for us. When one is resolved, the next comes into play. It becomes a pattern that repeats itself over and over again in different areas (contexts) in our lives. Such as private, business, with friends, etc.

As a director, supervisor, counselor, teacher, partner or parent, you have to deal with a group of people for whom you are responsible. A variety of factors can create a dynamic in the group, which creates tension. Whatever you do, the tension keeps popping up like a multi-headed monster.

Chances are, you have so far sought solutions from the old paradigm of dualism. Based on the conviction that you are separate from your environment and that the solution lies with the other person. Unfortunately this is not the case.

According to Unity Conscious Leadership®, we are all connected to each other, constantly (un) consciously influence each other, whereby our outside world is a reflection of our inner world. That means that if you want to change your outer world, you will have to find solutions in your inner world.

Unity Conscious Leadership® provides answers, insights and opportunities to use obstacles and tensions for growth and transformation. It is confrontational (in a positive way) and requires continuous self-reflection, self-inspection and transformation.

Once you become aware of the functioning of Unity Conscious Leadership®, perceive and integrate it into your life, you will come closer and closer to your absolute happiness. A feeling of happiness regardless of the circumstances you are in.

The Unity Conscious Leadership® courses consist of three successive modules:

Personal Leadership
Cultural Leadership
Professional Leadership

Do you have the desire and feel the vocation as a mentor to contribute to health, happiness and peace for yourself and your environment?

Then the Professional Leadership course is for you. The condition is that you have first completed the Personal and Cultural Leadership courses and integrated them into your life.

Do you recognize this?

You look at a situation and see the motives of the parties behind their behavior. You would like to contribute to a change in the situation, but don’t know how?

You would like to mentor people but do not know how.

Communication from Unity Conscious Leadership® is different than usual for a professional leader.
It requires a different form of questioning, communication and language to make the other aware and to take them into their inner world and motivations.


The Professional Leadership course consists of 3 steps and lasts one year. There is a group session one day a month for 10 months. Individual coaching and counseling sessions take place between group sessions.

The group consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 participants.

Participation options

1. Group learning supplemented with individual coaching
2. Individual course


You are open:
• To learn from situations and relationships
• For self-reflection and interventions to break patterns
• For the creation of one’s own health, absolute happiness and peace in life
• To connect with others
• To set an example for others

And you have already completed and integrated the Personal Leadership and Cultural Leadership courses.


The courses consist of theory and practice about Unity Conscious Leadership® and integration in daily life.


By integrating the theory and practice of Unity Conscious Leadership® into your daily life, it becomes easier to oversee and see through situations, make choices, grow your own potential and get closer to your absolute happiness..

Do the professional leadership course appeal to you or do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.


After registration an intake interview follows, of which the first half hour is free.

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