Joyce is an inspiring, intelligent and powerful healer, coach and writer.

Some years ago I did a family constellation with her. I was happily surprised. She is working with integrity, compassion and a fine tuned directness. She is able to think totally ‘out of the box’.
In a short time she creates a safe platform where you feel you can be vulnerable and open.
She mirrored some issues I had, and I could feel the positive effects of the session even months later.

There was a ‘holding back’ in my creativity and Joyce opened a door for me where I was able to reach my full potential to the most. The results afterwards were amazing. I published with success my book among other miracles..

I had the opportunity to meet many healers and coaches during my career as an actress & writer, but she is on the top! I strongly recommend her.

– Manouk van der Meulen, Sweden –

Joyce has a very powerful ability to conceive what’s behind the problem or behaviour you present. She is free to shift her consciousness and therefore has developed powerful senses allowing her to tune in to the whole system influencing a person. Be it the person in question or the family system. But also what the universal field has to offer.

After just one session with Joyce I felt emotionally relieved and full of insight. It had opened a door for transformation.

Whatever you are in search of personal growth, insight or even a spiritual awakening. This is a good place to start.

– Jenny Levitt – Sanders, The Netherlands –

Joyce is a very professional coach with a very high emotional empathy. I think, these are the tools you need in the future to combine success and social commitment.

Her work is not only relevant in the present moment, but works far beyond. The result of her work is tangible in the future and in various contexts in the life of people.

For me the most important point of my contact with Joyce was her warm feeling, combined with her professional work. I would recommend her to everyone, who wants to change anything in life or is stuck in some point. You will come out different than you came in.

– Frank Klose, Mallorca (Spain) –

One with warm, alert, open, analytical and attentive listening to” the” not nuanced data of the client, through bodywork and skill, Joyce can reveal “the” not nuanced to a renewed reality. Free from stigma and dogmatic ballast. With a helicopter view and empathetic eloquence, she reveals what was hidden.

– Gemma Huijbregts, The Netherlands –

Experience with the Game of Gifts:

With the special support of Joyce Wazirali, I have been able to deepen and explore my talents with her. It has become a journey full of brilliant insights that has helped me a lot to get closer to my ‘own self’, my talents and my life wishes, my mission. I became more conscious about how to formalize my mission. Joyce has the gift to ask the right questions just at the moments I missed insights or was not clear about my talents.

That made me experienced ‘Eureka’ moments. Her questions bring you to your deepest wisdom! The game of Gifts has given me more self-confidence, inner peace, better focus and positive energy.

Dear Joyce, my heartfelt thanks for your passionate and loving guidance on my life path: my Talents, Tree of Life and Mission will certainly travel with me next year!

– Susan Steenhuis, The Netherlands –