We are not in an era of change.
We are the creators,
standing at the threshold of
a new era of health, happiness and peace.

– Joyce Z. Wazirali –

My name is Joyce Z. Wazirali. I am a speaker, author and expert in the field of Unity Conscious Leadership®, a paradigm for inter-dependent growth and transformation.

Since 1988, I have been guiding individuals, leaders and organizations to grow and transform, making them healthier, happier and more peacefull. I work with different intervention tools on a rational, physical, social-emotional, spiritual and soul level.

By my birth in Surinam, a country with diversity in many areas, I grew up in a melting pot of nature (Amazon), cultures, religions, languages ​​and habits. The basis of my view of the world, where everything and everyone has a function and lives together interdependently. Since my childhood I have experienced and learned how different cultures can merge and transform into a new and peaceful culture by taking over each other’s strengths.

I have lived in the Netherlands since I was 10 years old and have developed myself into who I am now through training and experience. Based on my core values ​​of health and happiness, I have followed various courses and gained experience. In my search for what makes people and organizations unhealthy and unhappy and how to change that, I have done the following courses.

Clinical Chemical Analyst, Egyptian Cartouche master (energy work), Certifying Accountant, Basic Medical Knowledge, NLP trainer, Systemic-Dynamic Constellations with family and (organizational) systems according to Bert Hellinger, Work and Organizational Psychology, Consultancy and Process Guidance / facilitator for self-managing teams, learning organizations and organizational development, Appreciation Inquiry (Universities Hasselt, Leuven, Cleveland Ohio), certified Core Quadrant Trainer and Talent Coach.


Unity Conscious Leadership® offers tailor-made guidance in the field of leadership, for the growth of: health, happiness and peace of individuals and systems (people’s organizations).

By using obstacles and tensions to unlock hidden potential for personal growth and group development.

Together we walk new paths to overcome and transform crises on a personal, cultural and professional level with Unity Conscious Leadership®.