Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali

We are not in an era of change.
We are the creators,
standing at the threshold of
a new era of health, happiness and peace.

– Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali –

My name is Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali. I am a speaker, author and expert in the field of Unity Conscious Leadership®, a paradigm for inter-dependent growth and transformation.

Since 1988, I have been guiding individuals, leaders and organizations to grow and transform, making them healthier, happier and more peaceful. I work with different intervention tools on a rational, physical, social-emotional, spiritual and soul level.

By my birth in Surinam, a country with diversity in many areas, I grew up in a melting pot of nature (Amazon), cultures, religions, languages ​​and habits. The basis of my view of the world, where everything and everyone has a function and lives together interdependently. Since my childhood I have experienced and learned how different cultures can merge and transform into a new and peaceful culture by taking over each other’s strengths.

I have lived in the Netherlands since I was 10 years old and have developed myself into who I am now through training and experience. Based on my core values ​​of health and happiness, I have followed various courses and gained experience. In my search for what makes people and organizations unhealthy and unhappy and how to change that, I have done the following courses.

Clinical Chemical Analyst, Egyptian Cartouche master (energy work), Certifying Accountant, Basic Medical Knowledge, NLP trainer, Systemic-Dynamic Constellations with family and (organizational) systems according to Bert Hellinger, Work and Organizational Psychology, Consultancy and Process Guidance / facilitator for self-managing teams, learning organizations and organizational development, Appreciation Inquiry (Universities Hasselt, Leuven, Cleveland Ohio), certified Core Quadrant Trainer and Talent Coach.


Unity Conscious Leadership® contributes to Health, Happiness and Peace.

By guiding Individuals and Business leaders to convert crises and adversity into growth, by using the lens of Unity Conscious Leadership ®