Experience of a cooperation patner:

Joyce ‘takes you to a riverbank’. The proces in which Joyce takes you is unique in a wonderful recognition and discovery. From yourself, from others, in your emediate environment and from the reasons why things have been developed. You can not do the search for that clarity alone. For that you need someone who is honest and who, without judging, ‘knows’ what is going on. Precognitive skill from an exceptionally strong intuitive ability. Joyce excels in this. But also sober, with two light-footed legs on the floor and with a feeling for your often unconscious reality. From that clarity you can then see it better than ever and deal with it in a more nuanced way. That projection to your environment is also someone else’s perception and leads, through unknown but certain ways, to a finer contact in your life and therefore also in your work. Together with Joyce I was allowed to ‘make’ the special experiences of ‘constellations’. In particular, her knowledge and experience of the business sector adds value to her unique intuitive skills for companies and their employees. You thereby generate a positive ‘silent force’ that moves much more than just the rational decisions of a management can achieve. That scope is the ‘Stratch” that is in the reach out! It’s all there already, so make that conscious and let that light shine on your path! Joyce definitely makes sure you know she puts you in the right energy, so you and your environment benefit from it.

– Martien van der Velde –

Evaluation with a team leader after a change process in the area of people and company culture:

The first meeting with you was one of direct openness and trust. Because of your attitude/ behavior, I immediately gained confidence in our cooperation and the success of the mission. I still had some reserves with the method to use (in particularly the organizational constellation), but that was more in me (unfamilliar with..). I have experienced the contact with you as very pleasant and the conversations were constructive. You contribute to open communication through your appearance. I thought it was a good cooperation, with mutual openness with respect for each other’s thoughts. The starting position was that within the cluster a lot was lived in the past and there was no trust in each other. There was a closed attitude towards each other and there was more talking about each other instead of with each other. All this arising from a year-long distrust of all kinds of unspoken matters. The result is that the relationships are very normal again and the past is left behind. There is more peace in the cluster. I do notice that a number of people still have difficulty dealing with matters that affect them by directly discussing the behavior/ attitude of others with others. There is still an individual process from me to the employees. I feel that it is going to be okay. Is a learning process. They are also convinced that expressing things directly when necessary is a good thing, but individually some people sometimes have a to high threshold. In many cases, they are looking more at the positieve sides of each other. I am satisfied with the result, I certainly had my doubts in the beginning. I did not believe so, now I can say that what you told me in our first conversation, is right and has been proven. What I have learned it to do good business and that it is not necessary to take over the burdens of others from the past. We experienced the two-day training as very positive. We went home with a good feeling. Your qualities are listening, naming, and trust. My overall assessment is very positive. I am very satisfied. ‘If you would advise another person to work with me, what would be the reason for that?’: ‘You are able to get a blocked group of people moving again through your input. You are able to allow people to look at others with a positive eye and to be able to continue together from there.’ Should I have to deal with a similar group again (not completely excluded due to the merger we talked about) and get the impression that this group also needs a ‘push’, then I’ll be back to you again. Thanks again.
– Bob Brinks Municipality of Helmond –

Evaluation with a director after change trajectory in the field of people and company culture:

Our first conversation was very easy, you were very open and it is not difficult to tell your story as ‘unknown’. I was pleased that you mainly listened and where necessary told the right things to make me curious about your thought and approach. I had a very good and positive feeling after our first interview. It immediately felt like I’ve known you for years. It does not cost me any effort to discuss matters with you. You are open and by telling it you made me look from different perspectives at issues. Very enjoyable and educational. It was intensive, but it certainly helped me personally. I think your qualities are very suitable for the Director and possibly a number of managers. I have a well-running company of which I had all the support in my hands by a number of managers per department. For me, however, I had been thinking for some years that I was not going any further because the team around me could not or did not want to join. I wanted to map that out and break that pattern if possible. The result is an organization with MT, changes have been made to the supervisor, which had actually been needed for years. One of the employees has left, also something that I have been thinking about for a long time but did not speak about. The tasks are better distributed and I feel that there is more sense of responsibility among the managers. It makes me worried not be aware of everything. I really have to get used to it. To have the idea that the corporate culture has changed, but we have to make sure that we do not fall back into the old pattern. I have learned how to deal with issues, to show more of myself, to be clear and to dare to be vulnerable. On an personal level I have achieved better results than business, I am much more comfortable with life. I am more than satisfied, am glad that I have taken this step. Your qualities are; listening, feeling very well what someone is experiencing or feeling, you exude an enormous rest. It is very enjoyable and pleasant to be with you. I am very satisfied with the result, I centainly had my doubts in the beginning. I did not believe so, now I can say that what you told me in our first conversatio, is just right and has proved. ‘If you would advise another person to work with me, what would be the reason for that?’ It is especially good to keep looking to yourself in the mirror and to get to know yourself. This ensures that others also come more into line with you. You gather people around you who wants to go in the same direction, this goes without saying. Especially if you feel stuck and do not know what to do, it is recommended to talk to you.

Work and Organizational constellation (blind arrangement):

‘She had discussed her case with Joyce beforehand and without further explanation about the contents of the case she was looking for a number of people from the group to represent persons/elements, who were given a letter from the alphabet. Then she gave everyone a place in the space, according to her own inner image. The role of Joyce during the workshop was to ask each representative what feelings and experiences the occupied place in space, and in relation to the other representatives, the reaction of the representatives, substitutes indeed showed the arrangement produced a range of feelings such as: ‘I do not belong to the group and I direct my gaze outwards, I feel that someone is behind me and that does not feel good.’ Next under the direction of Joyce, new places in the room were taken, where new feelings and experiences were observed in the new places. At the end of the constellationa feeling of ‘a warm blanket over you’ arose, emotion that was felt in the room and the content of the arrangement was no longer spoken so the constellation could work. During the preparation Joyce handles lovingly, with respect and compassion with the attendees.’

Unsure employee:

An employee, a job hopper who does not work for more than six months at one place starts over and over again at a new employer. It turned out that he was insecure and thought before the employer dismissed him to find another job. After a few conversations he got the insight that it was his own fear to get fired. By working on his fear, he stayed with the same employer for years. He was a valued employee.

Fear of failure (and keeping the whole family awake at night):

He was on highschool and was unable to cope with the excitement of the exams. He walked through the house for nights and kept his parents out of their sleep. The next morning they went tired to their work. Until I was asked to help. After a few sessions, he was able to sleep. Now two years later, it is still going well with him.


He felt responsible for everyone and continued to work until late at night. When he sought peace he had to drive for two hours for a resting place. A time management course was also of no avail. In addition, he had no more fut to exercise at the gym at night. After a few sessions, he was able to feel when he has reached his limits, finding his peace at home and goes to the gym. In short, he has energy again and is comfortable in his skin.

Physical and mental violence:

‘ I have a past with a relationship in which I was severely physically and mentally abused, which meant that I was always and everywhere on my gard and was shocked by loud noises and unexpected movements. Joyce guided me in a short trajectory. From her broad background she did what best suited with my problem and my personality. It was a short, intense and good experience for me. With a great result. At present, I am no longer afraid of any unexpected movement or sound.’

Daughter had a fear of faillure:

‘ My daughter who is now in high school had problems wit anxiety from grade 5 or 6. This resulted in no sense of going to school, physial complaints and moodiness. After a few sessions with Joyce she has lost her fear of faillure and is very happy, sings all day long and likes to go to school. I got a very different child back. One day we were on the plane when she got fears. I reminded her of the exercises she have got from Joyce. I did not know how it went. In no time at all she had fallen asleep and woke up when the plane was on the ground.’

Youngest son did not dare to take his space:

‘Our youngest son (in a large and busy family) was used to give space to other people and didn’t know where his space was. At the first conversation, there was a immediate click with Joyce and she could soon identify the cause of the problem. After a few sessions my son changed completely. He is now able to take his own space and stay in his power. Nice to experience the change.’

Family constellation with partner (to relieve our own children from burdens):

‘My wife and I had lost our parents at a young age, it had been given a place but not finished yet. When we became parents it became clearer that our children also suffered from our burdens. They revealed our unprocessed sentiments. The family constellation was a very intense experience. And though other participants who represented members of our family it was like we were looking in the eyes of our own family members. Although it’s not only to reconnect with my family on a deeper level, it was also relieving the burdens from our ancestors. It gives clear insight into the inner stirrings of your partner and yourself. What happens to you is tangible and relieving. Highly recommended.’

Family constellations and changes:

‘Inwardly it looks like I’ve been to a beauty farm, I feel good, rested and grateful. The wisdom and feeling I have achieved changed the way I look at situations (family, friends, work). It’s different then in the past. I have always been curious about the fact what makes someone moves to one or the other way. The family constellation works on a deep level (soul level). I never lealised that before. The session has opened my eyes and feelings on a deeper level and I feel a deep respect for the soul world and the fate of man.’

Solving physical complaints with family constellation:

He could not turn his head for years. His head and shoulders were completely fixed. He was not satisfied with his job and was applying. Despite his desire for a partner, he could not commit to a woman. During a session he worked on the entanglement on his work and family system. His complaints were disappeared and never come back. 1.5 years later, many collegues have been laid off but he still works with pleasure at the same employer. And, he is living with the woman of his dreams for a long time now.


He had been unemployed for more than three years. After twenty seven years of employment, he was dismissed by his previous employer because of reorganization. During job interviews he was insecure and said the wrong things. After a few sessions he found his confidence again. He went to a job interview and was offered a full-time job.

Personal development (director):

He is the director of an organization with a few employees. Because he had to do so much, he worked day and night, slept badly and woke up tired. He struggled to make choises because he was afraid to disappoint people. After some sessions he dares to make choises, stops working earlier and wakes up rested in the morning. His business is still growing.

Solutions for interweaving business and personal layers of systems:

Hi Joyce, the sessions with you, for my company and my relationship with San and our Lestsbundle trip, has brought me a lot of insights and changes. Through putting us in the moment and relying on your intuition, have set a lot in motion. Thanks!

– Jeroen Jonk-

‘Customer-oriented service in the town hall’:

Dear Joyce, in the municipality of Balen (in Belgium) a process was started around ‘customer-oriented sevices in the town hall’. From the ‘Consultancy in Groups and Organizations’ course we started with appreciative research (Appreciative Inquiry). Joyce was one of three consultants. During a summit of two and a half-days, the employees of the town hall, the management team, the alderman council worked together with a number of citizens on their vision of a customer- oriented service. After the summit, a number of working groups set to work, with more than half of the organization remaining involved in the concrete elaboration of the objectives. Some testimonials half a year after the summit: – We see more cooperation between subservices, eg. effective colllaboration on communication. – Since the start of the entire process and certainly since the working groups, we have noticed an influence on people themselves: the focus has been broadened and the employers are happier. – Naming the cases: formerly there was a ‘dormant communication’. Now positive and negative things are mentioned in conversations. – The focus is more on ‘what is already there’ instead of ‘what is not yet there’. – Involvement: an employee was ill during the summit. She really felt that she had missed something, because of the colleagues’ stories about, for example, the working groups. This person is immediately engaged: engagement from others is contagious. – First time that a steering committee is organized horizontally around a project in the municipality (regardless of rank and position). – There is enthousiasm in the change, to do things differently. – We talk differently, another language is being used. For example, the working groups are asked more often the question ‘what if’, or ‘what do you need to be able to do something with’. – We speak about each other in an appreciative way and this is also being said to each other carefully. – Things that were previously invisible are now surfacing . For example, a number of employees seem to have a lot more to offer (more potential) than previously thought from their own job: the role of these employees (eg. the spokespersons of the working group). – Big difference with the former: now the focus is on the people, not the technicallity of the working file. Working with Joyce in this period was a great experience. Her primary role as a process supervisor and an inspirer she fulfilled by: bringing ideas into the process by asking questions, creative approach, sensitivity on what’s happening and sensitivity on the energy level in the room. Her laughter and enthousiasm led to the process of change in Balen being approached along different dimensions. Her confidence in the process and in the possibilities of participants in the summit, worked contagiously to the participants. Great to work with Joyce on this project!
– Igor Geubelmans, head of the leisure/ Cultural Policy Coordinator at municipality Balen in Belgium. –