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Unity Conscious Leadership®:
Crises as a fertile source for personal, cultural and professional leadership development.

(face to face and
online guidance)

What is the meaning of health, happiness and peace for you? And how do you achieve that?

Imagine living in a world where…

• Everyone’s potential is allowed to grow and manifest
Obstacles are used for self-growth
• We transcend mutual differences
• We find answers and solutions in ourselves
• We increasingly come to our essence
• We are allowed to fulfil our authentic mission
• Health, happiness and peace are the core values of life
• Wisdom, courage, strength and compassion are the qualities of life
• Systems (companies, families and other groups) are healthy and live in harmony
• Employees and customers become ambassadors for organizations
• Absenteeism and staff turnover drops to an all-time low

Courses Unity Conscious Leadership®

The great task of leadership is
to create alignment of strength,
making our weaknesses irrelevant.

– Peter Drucker –

Personal Leadership

‘Obstacles as springboard
for growth.’

Has your personal growth stagnated? Are you looking for awareness, skills, balance or meaning? Do you long to come into your power? Do you want to learn how to tap into your potential differently? Are you ready for the next step? Do you want to know how to grow your personal happiness and self-love? Do you want to learn how you can convert tension into strength?


Cultural Leadership

‘Tension as a motor
for group development.’

Despite all efforts, do you experience a certain behavior or culture that negatively influences the group? Do you want to learn to understand and feel the culture and DNA of the organization and to convert tension into strength? How you can develop and facilitate yourself in your role to get the most out of your team? Growth of added value for the market and customers?


Professional Leadership

‘Experience is the
best teacher.’

Do you have the desire or do you feel the vocation to become a mentor and contribute to the health, happiness and peace in your environment? Would you like to know how? In the role of mentor it concerns a different way of questioning, communication and language use. Which allows you to take the other person into their own inner world, motives, solutions and new insights.


Times of crisis, times of possibilities with Unity Conscious Leadership® 

In Greek and Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ has two meanings; problems and possibilities!
Problems persist if you look for solutions outside of yourself. By finding solutions within yourself, you create possibilities for a new reality. You cannot change the behaviour of other people. You can only change the way you handle situations and view your world. That requires a mind shift. A paradigm shift from Dualism to Unity Conscious Leadership®.


Other offer

Inner leadership

A journey of discovery into your own unique talents and mission as a compass for the right choices and direction in your life, work, study and relationships.

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Group- leadership

Awareness, integration and commitment of all talents in the group with a shared mission. For organizations, teams, partners, families.

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Family dynamic

Break through obstructive patterns in life for more authenticity, freedom, happiness, love, strength, tranquility, potential and energy.

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System dynamic

For teams and organizations that want to use the lost energy of counterflow for a collective flow.

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A. Personal: for a healthy, happy and peaceful life. B. Cultural: take the steering wheel back into your own hands.

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When your inner decisions change, everything transforms. - Wolfgang von Goethe -

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Be the change
you want to see in the world!

– Mahatma Gandhi –

For whom?

Life is a school for learning.
And the experience is the best teacher.

– Dr. Joyce Z. Wazirali –

Do you recognize this?

You are looking for:

For individuals, leaders
and organizations:

‘The process in which Joyce takes you is unique in a wonderful recognition and discovery. Of yourself, of others in your immediate environment and of the reasons why things have developed in a certain way.’
- Martien van der Velde -

‘With your input, you are able to get a stalled group of people moving again, to have a positive look at others and to continue working together from there on.’

- Bob Brinks City Hall Helmond -

‘For our company Inner game, my relationship with San and our letsbundl trip, the sessions with you have brought us a lot. By putting us in the moment and relying on your intuition, you have brought a lot into movement. Thanks!’

- Jeroen Jonk -
‘I had the opportunity to meet many healers and coaches during my career as an actress & writer, but Joyce is on the top! I strongly recommend her.’
- Manouk van der Meulen, Sweden -

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